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Our Philosophy is based on the following ideas.

FACEL VEGA was the last prestigious French car, offering class, quality and high performance in the sadly extinct tradition of Bugatti, Delahaye, Hispano Suiza and Lago Talbot.

If only for this reason, these cars and their creator Jean Daninos deserve our greatest respect.

In our philosophy these automobiles deserve to survive while preserving the same style of grandeur. What's more even today they can live with contemporary traffic – better still, their performance remains superior to most.

Luckily this is recognised worldwide and the number of devotees and admirers, even amongst the younger generation, is increasing.

Unfortunately FACEL VEGA is not an easy car when it comes to restoration; serious rust damage may be involved. Because these cars were built by hand individually, each one of them shows differences when you look carefully; a lot of parts cannot be interchanged and although technical aspects seem uncomplicated at first sight, in fact they are not. This makes every restoration a difficult project to get every detail perfect in the overall scheme ; it really takes experience and expertise to rebuild a FV in all aspects to its former glory.

AMICALE FACEL VEGA intends to have the capability and the persistence to go for this aim.

It is also in the light of this philosophy that we manufacture spare parts to the original standard (sometimes even better), both parts needed for maintenance and those whose production costs are hardly remunerative.

Another principle , at least in our opinion, is to restore FACEL VEGA's as much as possible to their original specifications; alternatives are acceptable only when technically inevitable; but such solutions should always be reversible.

A high standard restoration never comes cheap (in spite of our modest rates), but the same applies to other prestigious marques and presumably you recognise the Rolls Royce slogan "the quality is still there long after the price is forgotten".

Unfortunately there are people who think they can fix up a Facel Vega on the cheap, working without the necessary degree of skill and care or producing a shoddy piece of work. If someone rigs up a car for himself and enjoys it , that’s his choice; but whoever fiddles with these cars, claiming to be a specialist, is just a crook. Such people should keep their hands off Facel Vega; they don't contribute to the image of this marque.

Our philosophy is to accomplish a high level of restoration. We don't compromise as far as originality or quality is concerned.

In the past years our company has restored more Facel Vega's than anyone else, and it is self-evident that the know-how we have built up is in keeping with this experience.

We are fortunate to have customers and clients who value our philosophy and the way we work; they seem to find us from all over the world.

Deservedly the Facel Vega's restored by us realise prices that exceed the market value as shown in some magazines.

Another aspect of our philosophy is that we gladly share our knowledge and experience with all enthusiasts and well-wishing devotees. We have assisted many professional and amateur projects by word and deed.

Our know-how and experience comes in handy when in buying or selling FACEL VEGA's; most of the time we know all the odds and ends of these cars all over the world

Without being arrogant, we sure are proud of our creations.

Part of our philosophy is also, that we don't work on cars that other restoration shops have specialised in and earned their spurs.

Yet we do have experience with other marques such as American cars (from the fifties), BMW (fifties 8 cylinders), Bristol (from 409), Iso, Lagonda (V12 and LG6), Lago Talbot (T26) and Monica

Finally it is important to aim for continuity to secure working methods, knowledge, and experience for the future. Since a few years we joined hands with the well known and very skilled restoration company CLASSIC JOB in Dalfsen/Holland


See also our website www.classicargarage.com (i.e. our dept)  




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