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Our Parts Supply is nowadays in the hands of


E-mail:  info@amicalefacel.nl     or   jaap.vanoenen@classic-job.nl

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Amicale Facel Holland was founded in 1990 to guarantee the spare parts supply for the prestige automobile mark FACEL VEGA. Today Amicale has a range of more than 1500 different new parts available, most of these also in stock. The parts can be delivered worldwide by post order. (shipping by airmail post or by UPS). See the catalogue of parts in the chapter  “parts”

The instigator and drive of Amicale Facel Holland is Hans Ruhé, who is seen as an expert for Facel Vega, technical as well as historically.

Through Jean Daninos, the founder of Facel Vega, Hans got hold of the original factory production records and after 10 years of research he compiled a Facel Vega Register. In the Register one can find the original specifications of the majority of (approximately 3000) Facels ever built.

Besides, in all these years he gathered technical data and nowadays this documentation is available as workshop manuals (at the time Facel Vega never issued technical manuals)

In 1995, when Hans had over 600 (new) spare parts available he started a restoration workshop; here he devotes himself to restauration projects and maintenance jobs.

Amicale Facel Holland is known for its expertise and can mediate in case of sale or purchase of Facel Vega's.

Facel Vega's were automobiles with a class of their own, combining speed with outstanding luxury and great features. Amicale Facel Holland makes it possible to restore your Facel Vega to its pristine glory and to enjoy it for the years to come.

Per the 1st of January 2018 Hans Ruhé has transferred his Facel Vega activities to  Job Brouwers of CLASSIC JOB B.V.