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 July 015

Facel Vega’s are not the easiest automobiles to restore. In the (about) 20 full  restorations Hans did in the last years he experienced one thing; you never know the obstacles you come accross!

For some years our customers, specially those who decided to a  restoration project with Hans, expressed their confidence, but when he explained that restoring a Facel might take a long time, the confidence was sometimes followed  by  “what if you’re no longer around” ?

A good thing that they raised the (not yet existing) problem.

So Hans looked around to find a suitable and able partner to share his passion and experience.

We found him: Job Brouwers (and his team) very passioned and experienced  and despite that someone who says that he still has to learn . The name of his enterprise is CLASSIC JOB

Since 2013 we have been combining our skills to restore Facel Vega’s to the best possible level.

We would like you to introduce you to his team:

Or, if you want to know more about the cooperation wih Job:


December 2015

 As a car restorer it is always instructive to read more about the successes -and failures- of others.

whoever comes in the sanctuary of Amicale Facel Holland will not fail to notice magazines laying around,  half-open, nearly-read articles in sight…. , waiting for a dull moment but there aren’t any!

One of the great magazines, THOROUGHBRED AND CLASSIC CARS features a series very much to our liking with the title “epic restorations”

 These stories are both heroïc  and narrative indeed!

In July we saw the “making of’’ such an article in our workshop.

We met Nigel Boothman, the author and Laurens  Parsons the photographer.


December 2015

And here is the article


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